Flight Services

At LankAir, we have state-of-the-art systems in place to provide you with customised facilities that are efficient and reliable, which helps us carry out all services with speed and precision in compliance with IATA guidelines. Moreover, our commitment to service excellence is guaranteed by continuous assessment of quality standards and service levels. Our team is proficient in handling an extensive variety of Scheduled Aircrafts, VIP Jets, Cargo Planes, Ambulance Aircrafts, Military Aircraft and Government Aircrafts. Our numerous services include

Ground Support - Handling, Fuel, Additional Services

We believe in offering our clients a seamless experience, and thanks to the implementation of up-to-date technology, we make sure to stay abreast of handling status in real time and ensure smooth transitions between jobs. The integration of services and team connectivity equips us to provide you with dependable service and speedy aircraft turnaround.

Air Ambulance Service

Documents Required Before Chartering A Flight

In order to make our transportation arrangements smooth and seamless, Have the following documents in order and available. Documents has to be clearly scanned or in PDF format.

Latest Copy of The Medical Report

This is necessary in order to check on the patient’s vitals and ensure they are stable throughout the entire journey. A doctor will need to sign off and certify that the patient is well enough for transport via air ambulance or otherwise.

Treating Hospital & Doctor Details

We will need to know where the patient is currently located at and the current doctor currently administering treatment. This is so our medical team can easily confer and discuss any potential issues that might arise during our transport journey.

Receiving Hospital & Doctor Details

The hospital that will be receiving the patient will need to be notified as well as the doctor who will be providing the treatment.

Patient Details

We will need to know the patient’s date of birth and origin to facilitate any visa or immigration processing.

Passport Copy of Patient & Companion

In most cases, there will be 1 companion who will be present throughout the journey. We will need a copy of the passport of both patient and the companion.


In order to make the transport coordination process smooth and uneventful, the above are the necessary documents that need to be prepared beforehand before we can proceed to charter a flight.

Our Partner

Crew & Passenger

We aim to make your experience as effortless as possible - whether you are disembarking or even if it’s just a layover - our expert team will sort out all your crew / passenger needs.

Lanka Cargo

We provide comprehensive freight forwarding solutions for the discerning client. Our extensive network and expertise ensure that cargo is handled with the utmost care according to the client’s requirements. Our services include